VIVIFY Illusion Book - Mark Parker

VIVIFY' contains 10 original stage illusions fully described and illustrated in glorious full color.

Also included are two thought provoking essays. Foreword by Brett Daniels. Limited to 500 copies individually signed & numbered. Hardbound cover with foil stamping & embossing.


VIVIFY: Etymology: Middle English: to nourish, to give life. Latin: vivificus; enlivening. 1. To endow with life or renewed life: Animate 2. To impart vitality or vividness.


We are proud to be chosen as one of the exclusive distributors for the new Mark Parker Book - VIVIFY. Mark Parker changed the future of Illusion Books when he produced his 4E Illusion book in 2003. The bar had been raised and there is no doubt he has raised it yet again with the release of his newest book - VIVIFY.

If you collect Illusion plans, this is a must; if you build your own illusions, you will be amazed at the quality and ingenuity shown in these new creations. A 'must-have' book.


*Sanction - a slender upright cabinet that turns into an assistants revenge themed illusion with the performer escaping his peril, reappearing at the back of theatre.
* Motorbike - a brand new motorbike production using a brightly lit stage and a very open apparatus
* Dissolve - Your assistant lowers herself into a tiny upright cabinet and is seen to visibly dissolve to nothing.
* Body Builder - You could take this as a modern day self contained vampire illusion
* Abdomen - The performer lays on a table and one or two assistants can visibly crawl out of his stomach. The assistants then cover the performer briefly and cause him to vanish.
* Vivisectioned - Previously published as a download pdf file. My take on Thurston's vivisection illusion
* EMB - Examinable Mirror Box yes you read that correctly
* Asrah table - A unigue take on the asrah table
* 95% Gone - An audience member is invited on stage and then performer causes 95% of her body to vanish.
* Hiding Place - An very deceptive appearance of the performers assistant. This all takes place on top of a simple desk.



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