Paul Romhany has created one of the most original Linking Ring style routines since the original invention of the Linking Rings. This four ring routine uses special Heart Shaped Rings that are made especially for the routine. They are plated three times, and designed for the professional performer in mind.

Romhany has also come up with an innovative way to get RID OF the gap in the Key Ring. If you are looking for a commercial routine that you can carry in your pocket, this is it! As a BONUS, Romhany includes in the instructions his complete HEART STRING routine - the perfect walk around effect for Ring on String type routine.

Romhany's Heart On String Routine from Paul Romhany on Vimeo.

VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS - click here to watch video instructions on how to perform HEART STRING - Password is included with your purchase of Linking Hearts.


Linking Hearts

Price: $29.95

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