These are our BRAND NEW ITEMS that have been released in the past few months. Available from ALL GOOD MAGIC SHOPS.


EXTREME SNOWSTORM - an incredible device that enables performer to shoot snow, silks etc from almost anywhere!!


LINKING HEARTS - Amazing commercial routine using 5" linking heart shape rings - bonus Ring on Heart String Routine By Paul Romhany


MENTAL EPIC BOOK -360 pages on INCREDIBLE Mentalism.


HOW TO TELL ANYBODY'S PERSONALITY BY THE WAY THEY LAUGH AND SPEAK PLUS BOOK TEST - New concept in reading people's personalities PLUS a 12 minute book test act!!


PRO-SERIES - Books that detail Paul's handling on classic effects - includes photos, diagrams and fully professional scripted routines.


BRIEFCASE ILLUSION - An illusion that Paul has used for over 20 years to open his world famous show - easy to make. Includes Book plus link to video of set up and pack down.


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