Now released, for the first time to the magic fraternity. Used by Paul Romhany for years as a reputation builder. It can do the same for you!

Looking for a strong closing routine that will leave people talking about you long after you have leave the building! Perfect for magicians who work private parties and corporate functions who want to leave a lasting impression with the spectators! Also a souvenir that your clients will keep forever!

The magician posts a sealed envelope to the client a week prior to the show. The envelope is brought on stage by the client who confirms it is sealed and has not been tampered with. The performer brings out three different daily newspapers and a spectator is given a choice of one. Spectator takes newspaper and envelope and sits down for remainder of the show. For the finale, magician asks spectator to bring newspaper and envelope on stage. Spectator opens up sealed envelope and reads out the letter which predicts which newspaper the spectator would chose, the daily headlines, predictions that happened during the show or ANYTHING else you want to predict.

Paul Romhany has taken a basic principle by Milbourne Christopher and completely updated and changed the routine creating a reputation maker that is practical and easy to perform. This manuscript comes complete with everything you need to know to add this incredible routine to your show!


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