Direct from his current comedy act on cruise ships and corporate work Paul Romhany is releasing his version of FIVE CARD REPEAT.

The premise is that the magician tells the audience that he will play a CD and together they will learn the famous $100 Three Card Trick. The magician then follows along with the voice-over and that’s when the mayhem starts. Things get out of hand as the magician keeps fooling the ‘voice-over’ with little ‘climaxes’ along the way until finally the trick works.


This is FOUR minutes of SOLID entertainment from a working professional’s act. One of the most commercial routines on the market today that packs small and PLAYS BIG.


Paul has taken the basic principle of five card repeat and re-designed gimmicked cards making it so easy to perform, including a few surprises that you can only do with HIS gimmicked cards. If you can hold playing cards in your hand then you can perform this version of FIVE CARD REPEAT.

This is one of the those rare comedy magic routines that will make you look like you have incredible sleight of hand while at the same time making the audience laugh – and learn the handling almost immediately.

Talk about a routine that packs flat and plays VERY big, Paul has performed this in almost every venue from theaters, comedy clubs, private parties and cruise ships.


You receive:
A set of gimmicked poker size bicycle playing cards – all ready to start performing.
Instructional DVD with bonus teaching how to MAKE your own gimmicked cards including Jumbo cards if you work a very large theater.
Audio CD with the voice over - 2 different tracks, one is as though you are tuning a radio station, the other track is a ‘teaching’ type version.
This is a highly commercial routine designed by one of the busiest professional magicians in the world today. Put this in your act TODAY and you will come across as having incredible sleight of hand plus a great comedy magician! Something EVERY magician will want to own and perform.

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