EXTREME SNOWSTORM by Paul Romhany & Marcus Jahrling

WARNING: As with any type of item like this we urge responsibility from the purchaser. This item is designed ONLY for use on stage using confetti, silks, sponge balls, paper. NEVER point it towards anybody's face - always point AWAY from yourself or up in the air.

Click HERE to download entire instructions (95.MB mp4 file).

To watch the video simply CLICK HERE and ENTER THE PASSWORD that came with the effect.

BONUS ROUTINE: Learn Paul Romhany's BASIC SNOWSTORM ROUTINE by clicking here.

iStorm for iphone - If you want to perform my routine I call iStorm on your iphone or ipad then simply download ANY application that uses a snowglobe. The app I use is called "snowglobe" by Maverick Software.


WATCH INSTRUCTIONS FOR EXTREME SNOWSTORM HERE: (you will need password that came with effect).

Extreme Snowstorm instructions from Paul Romhany on Vimeo.



Basic Snowstorm Routine By Paul Romhany from Paul Romhany on Vimeo.

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