EXTREME SNOWSTORM by Paul Romhany & Marcus Jahrling

Imagine being able to perform a snowstorm from ANY OBJECT close-up OR stage ANYTIME in your show. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Make "snow" come from your iphone, a book, a hat, bare hands, a cup, glass, bottle, or ANY object you can pick up. You can make snow appear anytime and anywhere - you start clean and end clean. This will revolutionize the way magicians present Snowstorm.


Examples of routines:

iSNOW: Show a snow-globe on your iphone, shake it and snow appears in the globe - suddenly a HUGE snowstorm bursts from the iphone!! You are HANDS FREE - no gimmick to be seen and continue with your act.


SILK SHOOTER: Whenever you need a silk in your act, it bursts from your hands or any other object. This can be used for comedy or the serious performer.


GLOBE STORM: Romhany's stand up routine where he shows a photo of a snow globe filled with snow, it is signed by a spectator, then suddenly, as it is shaken a huge snowstorm bursts from it. Turning the photo over the globe is now empty of snow yet still signed.


SNOWSTORM FINALE: The perfect finish to any snowstorm routine. Romhany finishes his show off by performing his version of snowstorm, then as he bows picks up his bowler hat and produces one more blast of snow from it creating the perfect finish to a Snowstorm routine.

This has been designed for the working professional by working professionals. All components are of the highest quality and will give you the largest burst of snow possible. The snow can fly up to 30 feet in the air and is designed with a special safety feature so it is always under your control. Perform under ANY condition from close-up, cabaret to stage and perform surrounded!


Comes complete with:
Snow Shooter gimmick
Accessories to get you started
Using standard canisters you can get at least three shots per canister
DVD instructions with routine suggestions
Access to graphics to perform Romhany's GLOBE STORM routine


COST - $145 plus shipping from UK. - email for more details on how to order yours today!


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