Finally a close-up routine that is perfect for all types of audiences and close-up situations. After years of keeping this to himself, Paul Romhany is releasing his amazing Mixed Emotions routine that is perfect for restaurant magicians, trade show magicians and walk about entertainers.

Two AMAZING close-up routines that are not only fun for your audience but fun to perform. Both routines are easy to do and everything is included so you can add this to your act straight away. Everything fits in to your pocket, packs small and plays big!


Effect One: Magician brings out a large card with different 'smiley' emotions on it. It is placed face up on the table. Five smaller cards are shown and spectator gets to play an emotional game with the magician until one card is left. The large card is turned over and a large picture is seen that matches the one left on the table.


Effect Two: With permission by David Britland, Paul explains his personal favorite close-up routine using two sets of emotion cards, ZENNERISM. Using Paul's smiley cards it makes this routine so much easier to perform and a lot of fun. Two packets of cards are on the table. Spectator is offered a packet and takes one card without looking at it and puts that card in his pocket. The rest of the packet is shuffled.

The magician takes the other packet of cards, mixes them and places one card face down on the table. The spectator then places one of his cards face up on top of the face down card. This happens three more times, the magician laying down his card first. The magicians fifth and last card is matched up with the spectator's pocketed card. The pair of cards are gathered up.

Again, the magician explains that the spectator made their choice AFTER the magician placed his cards on the table. The cards are now turned spread out and it is shown that all SMILEY the cards match.


Comes complete with:
Large Colored Prediction Card
Two sets of 'smiley' emotion cards
DVD instructions

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