Several years ago Paul Romhany and released his version of a giant one person confabulation style routine. It became an instant hit with magicians and mentalists around the world.


This effect involves a very large prediction that is seen sealed inside a windowed envelope during the entire routine. The audience calls out various items and a spectator is asked to come onstage - the envelope is opened and the mentalist has predicted everything that was called out. The reason this is such a hit with magicians is because it's a ONE PERSON routine - no need for offstage assistants to do any writing.

For over fifteen years Paul performed and developed this routine working in under every imaginable condition, from cabaret to cruise ships to more intimate performance venues. Over the past five years magicians have emailed Paul with their own versions and different handlings, taking this effect to heights Paul never thought possible. The handling and writing technique by Italian mentalist Max Vellucci will even fool magicians, it is that clever.


Even if you perform a standard confabulation routine this idea will completely change the way you 'fold' the paper, leaving the final predictions written in different parts of the paper.


Australian magician George Stats shares his incredible 'time' idea that adds a little kicker to the routine.

Paul also shares his own ideas for additions to Dream Prediction as well as his ultimate handling of doing away with the magician having to write ANYTHING DOWN AT ALL! For years Paul worked on an idea where people called out items from the audience and the magician would NOT have to write anything down. The only way this was achieve in the past was having an offstage assistant. Paul took his idea and worked it in the corporate and private performances for almost two years, as well as sharing it with a few select magicians around the world. Not only can this idea be applied to Dream Prediction but also to ANY confabulation type routine. That's right - the magician DOES NOT WRITE ANYTHING DOWN - yet the final prediction is 100% correct!!


Note: This booklet DOES NOT expose Dream Prediction method, but is an addition of updates and ideas that go hand in hand with the routine. If you perform any type of confabulation routine then you will certainly get ideas from this book, but not the working or method used for Dream Prediction.


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