CSI: Case of the half-died hanky

Paul Romhany proudly presents an updated version of Billy McComb's classic Half Dyed Hanky routine using a professionally written script by famed comedy script writer Hal Spear, and original handling techniques by Wayne Rogers, taking McComb's original routine to new levels. This package is designed for the magician who wants the complete package, including professional props, instructions and a FULLY SCRIPTED routine.


Now you will be able to learn the exact routine that has been an opening routine in Paul's professional career on cruise ships, comedy clubs and corporate events. This is the first time Wayne Rogers has given permission for anybody to release his unique handling of the half dyed hanky, which he has kept to himself for over twenty five years. For those that are familiar with the standard handling will appreciate the need for no extra dye tubes to produce the final half-dyed hanky.


Hal Spear, a comedy and TV sitcom writer has written an incredibly clever and hilarious routine for the modern performer based around the hit TV shows, CSI. This specially crafted routine takes the audience on a hilarious journey through a version of CSI called, CSI: Magic Show using black and red silks, with the final hanky being dyed half red and half black. Every joke and line is crafted by Hal Spear and written specifically for this effect. These are all original jokes with no stock lines.


BONUS: Included with this routine are TWO bonus routines. One is based around gambling and "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas". The other routine is based around the famous book, "Men are from mars, Women are from Venus".

Designed by working professionals FOR magicians who want professional and highly commercial magic - this package contains everything a performer will need to add this to your act straight away. Stand out from other magicians by having a script that is original, hip, and extremely entertaining. The perfect routine for the modern performer. It can be performed under any condition from cabaret, private parties, cruise ships, corporate events to comedy clubs.


You receive:
Instructional DVD explaining Wayne Rogers unique handling that makes this so much easier to perform - no switch of dye tubes involved.
Three professional scripts crafted by famed comedy script writer Hal Spear.
Special gimmick and custom mfg. silks needed for these routines.

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