Finally a card trick designed for the family entertainer WITHOUT playing cards! From and idea by Canadian magician Steve Hocevar, Paul Romhany has taken his top selling Comedy Five Card Repeat and designed special large rabbit cards. Using the same technique and handling as the original, Paul has created a fun routine where the magician shows the audience photos of his pet rabbit. He starts off with five photos, throws three away and five are still left. This happens again and again, and it gets funnier and funnier as the magician just can't seem to get rid of the "multiplying rabbits." A routine that will play well in all types of situations from the largest theaters, outdoor events to children's parties. If you have always wanted to do a five card repeat routine for family or children's shows, this is the routine for you.
Comes complete with specially designed LARGE rabbit cards, hand made gimmick cards and Paul's own unique routine and written instructions PLUS a DVD.

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