This is a complete manuscript with full word for word routine and method. This method is different than the DVD Paul released 2 years ago. It is actually much more practical for everyday magicians.


Ten years ago PAUL ROMHANY caused a stir in the magic fraternity when he performed his original Impossible Bill To Can routine on national television. He was accused of using stooges because the routine was that impossible. However what magicians did not know was that Paul had worked out a routine that did not use stooges.


In 2007, Paul released the exact routine and version he used on the TV show on a DVD and is still available from magic dealers.

This new version is an alternative to the original Bill To Can routine, in many ways this is more practical for most working conditions. The routine is perfect for magicians who work in private homes, corporate functions or even on cruise ships. Paul has given his complete routine including the exact script he uses word for word. You are not only buying the method but also the complete eight minute routine as performed exactly by PAUL ROMHANY at private homes and corporate functions around the world.

Anybody wanting a strong, commercial and hilarious routine, this is it!

Everything is taught in this in-depth manuscript complete with photos and a completely different method than th on everything you need to get you performing this very quickly. It includes a detailed description of the $100 Bill Switch with numerous photos.

The Effect: At the start of the show the magician hands out a can of baked beans, this can be held by a spectator. Later on in the show a bill is borrowed and signed, it is burnt and after a lot of hilarious bits of business the spectator brings the can on stage. It is then opened and the money inside is unfolded and found to be the signed bill!

This is a real stunner and remember, method and routine is different than the original Impossible Bill to Can.



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